About the Client
White Guide is the leading guide system for restaurants, bars, Café who are leading the the field of gastronomy and restaurant culture in the Nordic region. In Sweden, their guide has been published since 2005. Every year, about 800 restaurants are tested and assessed, of which 600 are given a place in the guide. White Guide performs their tests anonymously (with a table order in fake name) with serious and innovative hook, fully transparent about the assessment criteria with a high level of journalistic integrity.

In 2013, the first edition of the White Guide Denmark went live and in 2014 the English-language White Guide Nordic was published, with the 300 best restaurants in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and Estonia. All guides are available in the app - and also on the web.​​​​​​​
The Problem
In 2013, WG had a problem with their app not being updated to the current style of design. The world was moving into more of flat style design following Human Interface Guidelines set up the respective mobile platform. WG wanted to update their at the same time wanted to create a system where users would benefit of their function.
In addition, WG wanted a solution where users can consume guide through the app and at the same time bring in some form of digital revenue for the brand by selling digital products through the app.
The Solution
White Guide App. Redesign from the scratch to incorporate all the guides for the restaurant for Sweden. The app has the ability to search restaurants and cafes that were rated by White Guide. I worked on the conceptualization to delivering the digital assets for the mobile developers for the 2 platforms iOS and Android.
White Guide AB wanted their app redesigned for their launch of their guide book. This app serves as a companion to the actual physical book.
The whole app was redesigned from the scratch to give a minimalist and simple view to be in line with the brand. After the app was launched we were able to observe more usage of app and through the in-app purchase model of the app we were able to provide solution in a way that is consumable by the user.
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