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Preventhiv is a collaborative effort between Lafa – the unit for sexuality and health, Smittskydd Stockholm, Venhälsan at Södersjukhuset, Infection Clinic 2 KS Huddinge, RFSL, RFSL Youth, RFSL Stockholm, Noah’s Ark and Posithiva Gruppen. Together, we make up the largest stakeholders in HIV prevention and treatment in Stockholm County. We represent both healthcare services and volunteer organisations and work with HIV testing, treatment, prevention and the rights of people who live with HIV.


In 2014, Preventhiv was tasked with the biggest challenge of communicating with the users about the need of prevention of the disease by publicizing awareness about HIV test centers. The main purpose of this website is the educate the masses to get their testing done in a safe and secure manner keeping in mind of the privacy. This website should provide necessary information about that to the users.


Another challenge they want to cover is language, since the world become a global community of people from all around the world living in a country they also want to communicate the same information to others who does not speak Swedish.

My Process



Ideate & Prototype

Test & Iterate

The whole website was designed from the scratch using the wordpress framework providing necessary information and direction for the users using the website. From the design conception and making the mockups for the website was done and with the help of the final Photoshop psd file, I was able to transform the psd into a fully working theme under WordPress and Genesis Child theme for the website.
Using WordPress CMS system the client would be able to maintain, add new contents into the website. Another challenge is to bring translation into the website for different languages. This was achieved with the help of the translator plugin for word press where some of the text would automatically translated into the respective language with the ability to correct and save the correct translations with the help from translators relevant to the respective countries.
One top of it I was able to manage the hosting, domain directions, db setup for the project as a whole. The project was also delivered on the correct deadline.

Solution & Impact

After the code was deployed in NASDAQ server, we saw a huge traction of visitors for the website and it solved the usability issue of mobile web as the website was designed and developed to support responsive design. Engagement of the investor relations website improved.

My Role

  • Market Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Design conversion to HTML/CSS

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